Louisiana Authors James Ronald & Walter Donnie Kennedy on YouTube

Civil War did not end slavery

South first to forbid the slave trade

Massachusetts first to establish slavery

Gen. Beauregard Civil Rights advocate

Post "Civil War" Racial Divide in the South

Nullification and State Sovereignty

The latest book from the Kennedy Twins!

Dixie Rising - Rules for Rebels - Since the publication of their bestseller classic THE SOUTH WAS RIGHT! in 1994, the brothers James Ronald Kennedy and Walter Donald Kennedy have been recognized spokesmen for the South. By the South they do not mean a political position or a collection of quaint attitudes. Southerners are a people—and as a people have a right to be governed by their free consent. But “at no time since Appomattox have the freedom, the heritage, and the culture of the South been under greater attack.” The Southern people are in a struggle for their existence as a people. If things continue as they have been, we will lose. Click HERE to read more.........

Are you an Anti-Federalist?

Across America can be heard the voice of protest-a protest against an out of control, unconstitutional, tax and spend, Federal government. America today is ruled by power elites in Washington, D. C. who use the political system to maintain the status quo and assure their incumbency. From their positions of power, perks, and privilege America's political elites use the political system to advance a secular humanist socialist and utopian ideology. The philosophy of this political elite class is, by its very nature, in violation of the inherent rights of law abiding, taxpaying, moral Americans. Yet in all of the protest, there cannot be found anyone who provides a clear solution to the current unconstitutional and oppressive Federal government. Click HERE to read more.......

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